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The robust health of vaccine-free children

Bronwyn Hancock December 2003

Note: More information on raising healthy children is available in books available on this site, particularly "How to Raise a Healthy Child", "I Had No Say" and "Health - The Only Immunity".


Although there is so much information available, particularly on the web, about the dangers of vaccines, including one tragic case after another (there are not any specific stories on this site at this stage but there are on many others), what is difficult and causes so many parents to still succumb to the pressure to vaccinate is not having seen (or been aware of seeing) an unvaccinated child. I guess this is a fear of the unknown, a feeling of “better the devil you know…”.

Are you, or do you know someone else who is, in that position of having that fear of the unknown?

If so, it might help you (or whoever else it is that you know) to make a more informed decision if you/they were to have a better idea of just how healthy unvaccinated children are.

Typical characteristics of unvaccinated children


In the Hollywood-style fictitious world painted by vaccine pushers, unvaccinated children are sick and dying left right and centre from these diseases. However in the real world, the opposite is so much the case that parents who do not vaccinate are constantly being asked by other parents, on seeing their children, what they “do” to them that makes them so healthy. Their response (usually just thought, not spoken) is that it is not so much what they DO, but what they DON’T DO!

These children have a brightness, vitality, happiness and alertness about them that is missing these days in most children. You can see the difference just from their eyes.

Every child pictured on this web page, including in the header, is totally unvaccinated – free of contamination from any of these poisons (in other words “organically-grown” as a friend of mine has termed!).

These children very rarely fall ill – it’s unusual for them to even come down with a cold. They have been found to have antibodies to childhood diseases (showing past natural exposure and hence life-long immunity) without ever having fallen ill with them and if and when they do succumb to childhood diseases (as they will occasionally) they contract them acutely, with all the proper, beneficial (healing, or cleansing) symptoms, such as the rash in measles, and get over them easily and quickly.

This is what is happening with them while their vaccinated peers are suffering worse and longer with them and/or often getting chronic forms which hang around for ages, or go away and come back another time - the vaccines are not only ineffective but often even prevent the body from being able to fully resolve the infection and develop immunity, which is the opposite extreme from their intention (which is to prevent the recipient from even coming down with the disease in the first place).

A mother called Jamila sent me an email in which she wrote the following:

"Your website and books you have recommended have given me plenty of reassurance to stick with my resolve not to immunise my two sons (3.5 and 1.5 yrs).

One comment – when number one son was about 15 months old a man at the checkout in a grocery store who had never seen either of us before, after spending a minute totting up my small bill and glancing at my son in the trolley said he was ‘a nice boy, not immunised’. To him the bright eyes and rosy cheeks shouted out not immunised. He said that most children have pale cheeks, dull eyes and often grey shadows underneath their eyes and when I started to look around I found he was right, they do. It is now so much the norm that we no longer notice this palid sickly appearance. Other mums at the time commented on my son’s sun tan – he wasn’t tanned, he was just healthy. I believe there is some science underpinning this, something about the grey bruised looking shadows under the eyes reflecting the fact that the liver is under stress."

(We don't like to use word "immunise" in reference to vaccination, because vaccines do anything BUT immunise, so it is reinforcing a myth - please do not use that word - but here I am faithfully quoting her word for word.)

Another noticeable aspect of unvaccinated children is the stability in their behaviour, with freedom from various imbalances affecting brain function including those highly wayward blood sugar levels that make so many vaccinated children run around uncontrollably one minute and then be over-tired and irritable the next. Blood sugar control mechanisms are very vulnerable to damage from the invasion of vaccines.

Parents also often notice that their unvaccinated children learn noticeably faster than their vaccinated older siblings and/or peers. This makes hardly surprising the observation in the U.S., from college entrance examinations, that the IQ of children has been gradually declining, starting from the time of those children born around 1946, which decline of course has been in parallel with increased intensification of vaccination.

Of course not all unvaccinated children are in superb health, because there are factors other than vaccination that also affect our health (such as vaccines given to, and health of, their parents), but the point being made here is that that the one factor of direct vaccination of children can be seen to make a noticeably huge difference.

So grab any chance to observe the health of unvaccinated children for yourself. If you don’t have any friends with unvaccinated children, then perhaps you can visit a non-vaccinating mothers’ group, have a chat to the mothers there and observe their children. If you email us, we might be able to help you find such a group, or at least such a family, in your local area.

The reality is that it is natural for children to be healthy. In other words, if the laws of Mother Nature are followed closely enough, excellent health will follow, and this is clearly born out in unvaccinated children. Follow Her laws, and you too can have children with a spirit that will attract attention and positive comments from others, particularly since vaccinating parents are now being told that it is normal for their children to be suffering recurring infections (even up to 2 per month!) and behavioural problems.

So what are the laws of Mother Nature that must be followed?

The secret(?) recipe for a superbly healthy (and best behaved!) child (or adult).

These laws are very simple in principle and obviously apply to human beings of all ages. Our bodies are made up of billions of cells – the basic unit of life. For a cell to function optimally it requires two things:-

a)      to have the resources, or nourishment, it needs to do its job, and

b)      to be free of toxins which interfere with its functioning. This means to be both free of toxins entering from outside the cell and it also means being able to expel toxins that it creates as waste products from its metabolic processes.

Bringing this up to the large scale of the body, this translates into meaning that for optimal health, the person should have a lifestyle that results in:-

  • maximum nourishment to the environment in the body, which is achieved by such things as:

-    sufficient nutritious food, ideally most of it raw fruit and vegetables[10], and breastmilk for babies,

-    sufficient sunshine (provides Vitamin D, activates the pineal gland, etc),

-    sufficient oxygen (including negative ions), and

-    minimizing what depletes the nourishment – stress[11], immune system assaults such as vaccines, and cooked food[10], and


  • minimum toxaemia in the environment in the body, which is achieved by such things as:

-     foods as free as possible from hormones and antibiotics (which are in commercial animal products), pesticides (which are more concentrated in commercial animal products than vegetables), artificial colourings and flavourings (particularly MSG, which is flavour enhancer #621)

-     no other harmful substances ingested or injected (e.g. drugs or vaccines)

-     clean water

-     clean, fresh air

-     minimizing what makes the body produce toxins – stress[11] and cooked food[10], and

-     maximising the body’s opportunity to eliminate toxins – sufficient rest, sleep and exercise (which trains the body to do this more efficiently)

Now the above may seem like a big list, but really you don’t have to consciously think about these items all the time to have a healthy child.

In fact by simply resisting the pressure to allow him/her to be injected with highly poisonous substances, then by your being different in this respect alone, the difference you will make to his/her health will likely be dramatic, even if some of the other factors are not so well adhered to (such as avoiding chocolate pudding! See left).

Also remember that the rest of the factors are applicable regardless of whether or not the child is vaccinated - they are not a substitute for vaccinating, as vaccinating does nothing good that requires substitution. Indeed they are particularly important for a vaccinated child, because he/she will need extra support to overcome the damage caused by the vaccine(s).

If you are living in suburbia in a developed country, are a loving parent, give your child basic nourishment (true malnourishment is not a widespread problem in developed countries today), and fend off the syringes of poisons pointed in his/her direction, then provided your child is not too badly affected by such poisons that you yourself (and/or your parents, etc) were likely injected with as a child, he/she should be very healthy, markedly more so than his/her vaccinated peers.

Measured comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated children

There are only several cases of medical research involving a comparison of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, (and to get an answer as to why it is so scarce one only needs to look at the source of the funding of most medical research), but the few cases of which I am aware fully demonstrated this same finding. A couple of such examples are mentioned in The excuse given for not doing such research is that it would allegedly be unethical because it would mean having a control group that would have to "miss out" on vaccination! Now there's a circular argument if there ever was one!

Here are some other studies of which we are aware (Note: Some of these documents are in .pdf format, for which you need Adobe Acrobat reader. To download it for free go to

1) The Dutch Association for Conscientious Vaccination (NVKP) did a survey in 2004 in which they asked their members to print a survey form and hand it over to people in their (children's) schools, neighbours, friends, etc. They did a very randomised selection of Dutch society; postal codes, cities/non cities, social class etc. They received back 650 survey forms; by mail & through the website. If they did not understand an answer they called the parent for more explanation to make sure everything was entered correctly. Then they put all the answers in the computer. Then they selected from these only the fully vaccinated (according to the Dutch Recommended Vaccination Program) and the completely NON vaccinated children, as it is hard to determine if a child has only one or 2 vaccinations in which group he should be. This left them with 543 respondents. From this group there was 312 fully vaccinated and 231 non vaccinated.

Click here for the results of the survey

BTW, in respect to whooping cough or German measles (rubella), if you are tempted to conclude that the results indicate that the vaccines for those diseases are partially effective, you should read the article at before you interpret the data - as it shows how some figures can be misleading (doctors' bias in their diagnosis based on vaccination status).

2) Atopy In Children Of Families With An Anthroposophic Lifestyle, which was published in the Lancet medical journal.

3) Salzburger Elternstudie (Survey of/by parents) (2001-2005)  

Results: Unvaccinated children -- virtually no asthma; vaccinated 1 in 10; and three to five times less Neurodermatis.... (in German)
4) English Cohort study (1988 - 1999)   

Results: Vaccinated children up to 14 times more likely to be diagnosed with asthma than the unvaccinated and up to nine times more like to be diagnosed with skin problems. (German) or

McKeever TM, Lewis SA, Smith C, Hubbard R.
"Vaccination and allergic disease: a birth cohort study." Am J Public Health. 2004 Jun;94(6):985-9

5) Langzeitstudie in Guinea-Bissau   

Results: The death rate for unvaccinated children is about half that of the vaccinated. [Ungeimpfte Kinder haben im Vergleich mit geimpften Kindern ein um die Hälfte geringeres Sterberisiko] (German)
6) WHO-Feldversuch (field trials) in India (1968 - 1971)
 Results: Unvaccinated kids are much less likely to get sick. On the basis of this study, the WHO stopped recommending the tuberculosis vaccination. 
[Ungeimpfte Personen haben im Vergleich zu Geimpften ein erheblich geringeres Erkrankungsrisiko (aufgrund dieser Studie wurde die Empfehlung der Tuberkuloseimpfung in Deutschland zurückgenommen)]
7) New Zealand survey (1992)
Unvaccinated kids are five times less likely to have asthma than the vaccinated, 2.5 times less likely to have skin problems and 8 times less likely to be hyperactive.

8) In this 2008 US study: Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disability in US children aged 1-9 years, it was found that the odds of receiving special education services were approximately nine times as great for vaccinated boys as for unvaccinated boys, after adjustment for confounders. The vaccine being studied was the Hepatitis B vaccine that was used prior to 2000. It is claimed that the vaccine used after this time was not manufactured with thimerosal (mercury compound), but we know that vaccines claimed to be mercury-free have been tested and found to still contain mercury - see



As you can see, health problems and learning and behavioural disorders consistently occur at a higher rate in the vaccinated children.



The immune system is inherently capable of handling whatever is thrown at it, even new viruses of which it has no genetic memory, if it is looked after well enough. People who have supported their immune systems well enough (rather than interfering with them, with drugs) have recovered from full-blown AIDS.

So do not underestimate the wonderful power and intelligence of Mother Nature, and do not overestimate the knowledge and intelligence of man! Even the well-known immunologist and AIDS researcher, Dr Robert Gallo, confessed that the amount that immunologists know about the immune system is about the same amount that Christopher Columbus knew about America when he first landed there.



[1] Cathy says, "Everyone says there is such a light in her eyes. It's the light of health & vitality!"

[2] Abby's mum Kiah says, "Abby has been happy and healthy, excluding the occasional cold (we live in Orange so it's hard to escape he cold weather!) and two stomach bugs she picked up at church. Besides that, no other sicknesses/allergies."

[3] Tara says that her two girls "are extremely healthy".

[4] Cheryl reports that Ajay is in perfect health. He is also very advanced for his age - he was talking very well at a very young age, and later going to Brightstars Academy for acting, singing, etc.

[5] Venita says, "Peter (now 6) has been to the doctor only twice in his life, once for a bad cold and once for a boil on his bottom" and, just like her other unvaccinated children, he is "happy and healthy. Good health does not come from a needle."

[6] Kiah says, "Myself and my three sister have never been vaccinated. I'm now 23 and my sisters are 19, 22 and 25. We are all happy and healthy. My daughter is 18 months old and is also vaccine free. I can definitely agree with you about the robustness of vaccine-free children. I see it all the time that as soon as babies are vaccinated they come down with a whole host of ailments, fevers, irritability, ear infections - I know a 1 year old who has had non stop ear infections, including a burst ear drum and has had about 4 prescriptions of antibiotics for this!"

[7] Jill says, "This is my unvaccinated son, Jake, 18 on his senior prom night a few weeks ago. He's had one antibiotic his whole life. He's hardly ever missed school  for being sick. He burns the candle at both ends and is on his way to New York University after receiving a partial academic scholarship. He is a brilliant jazz pianist and going off to study music.

[8] Venita says that David is now "18 months, still nursing and still not vaccinated. Healthy kid." and "Since going vaccine free (with her children - stopped vaccinating as a whole in 2001), we really have had no need to do any doctor visits. I'm hard pressed to really say how many times they've been to a doctor because it is so infrequent." and "The kids are happy and healthy."

[9] Faye says, "Here is a photo of our 4 children with my husband. They have never been vaccinated, nor have they contracted any diseases. Our oldest was exposed to chicken pox on purpose but never got it. They were all breastfed to at least 4 years of age. They've had a number of colds and the flu over the years. The three youngest have had Lyme's disease, from the deer tick, as we live in the midst of woods. For the most part they are healthy, active, bright kids.

Their ages are, from left to right; 10, 13, 17, and 8.

I was vaccinated as a child, in the 60s.  I had a severe reaction to one of my measles, mumps or rubella vaccines, noted in my baby book, and still contracted mumps."


[10] Cooked food – A diet of mainly raw food is not essential for a basically healthy child, but if you are really after optimal health, then this is something of which you need to be conscious, particularly since it creates a good foundation and habit for your child for the future. Cooking food destroys some of the nourishment (destroying heat-sensitive vitamins such as Vitamin C), depletes the body of its own resources – enzymes (which are destroyed by cooking, so the body has to draw totally on its own resources for all of the digestive enzymes it needs), and causes stress to the body which further depletes the body of nourishment and causes the production of toxins. There are a few foods which need to be cooked, such as potatoes, so if you want to go down this path, it might be a good idea to purchase a relevant book to guide you in this.

[11] Stress – This is where a loving and secure family environment comes in for a child. (It does not mean spoiling a child though, of course!). Vaccines also cause stress – the reason that Dr Viera Scheibner linked vaccines to cot death is that she observed a phenomenon already documented (by Dr Hans Selye) of stress dynamics occurring in children starting from days subsequently identified by the parents, when asked, as the days on which they were given vaccines. Stress dynamics are characterised by a stress-induced breathing pattern, involving periods of low-volume breathing, which occur particularly on standard “critical days” after the stressful event.  

For more photos of unvaccinated children, go to!/album.php?aid=140726&id=69667273997

Also see, where you are also invited to add your story about your unvaccinated child, to give confidence to other parents in their decision not to vaccinate.

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