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"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."

Albert Einstein



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Speaker: Dr Viera Scheibner (Click here for her background)


Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Wednesday 24th February 2010

Room 46N2

Nature Care College

46 Nicholson St


(Lower North Shore of Sydney)

Kareela Golf Club

1 Bates Drive


(Southern suburbs of Sydney)


10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

6:30 for 7:00 pm start. Finish 10 pm


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Call Nature Care College

on (02) 9438 3333

Call Dawn Fitzgerald: (02) 9540 1962

(Email: gdfitz5 (at)

or Marelle Burnum Burnum

on (02) 9542 3398 (9:30am - 2:30pm)

or  (02) 9545 2491


Nature Care College has a

vegie-type canteen from

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Other speakers included

- Dr David Ritchie (GP specialising in children's health)

- Greg Fitzgerald

(osteopath & naturopath)

- Marelle Burnum Burnum (naturopath)

- Dr Isaac Golden (research scientist)

- Parents of autistic children

(case history presentations)

Books/DVDs: A large selection of books & DVDs will be available at both seminars

(Cash, credit cards, cheques all accepted).


"Millions of Australians were given a polio vaccine infected with remnants of a cancer-causing virus (SV40). Scientists knew the dangers but released the vaccine anyway"

- Sydney Morning Herald, 23/10/04.

In recent years there has been an overwhelming push for vaccination, which is repeatedly highlighted in the media. We are expected to assume that the vaccines are safe and effective, even though the evidence we see around us shows that this is not so.

Most people know of vaccinated children still getting a disease they were supposed to be protected against, sometimes severely and/or more than once, and all around us there are people with disabilities which the parents have often seen was caused by a vaccination.

Unvaccinated children, in comparison, have robust health, rarely getting these diseases (as the diseases had virtually disappeared by the time vaccines were introduced), and when they do, they fly through them. Also, disabilities of any kind, and other health problems such as asthma and childhood cancer are virtually unheard of amongst them.


Yet even when the occasional headlines like that above leak out, little thought as to what one can conclude on a larger scale about the trustworthiness of the "authorities" stirs in the community, and most people blindly keep doing it because of the sheep mentality most of us have had at some stage, of "that is what you are supposed to do".


This seminar will address the question of what risks you are taking if you do trust the "authorities" with the lives of your children and allow them to be vaccinated. What evidence is there that they are causing such problems as asthma, glue ear, allergies, autoimmune diseases, autism, ADHD, learning problems, a host of disabilities, and serious adverse effects such as paralysis, cancer and death?


It will also address the question of whether you are indeed risking anything by not allowing them to be vaccinated. In other words, do vaccines really assist the immune system, or do they only derail the immune system, not only increasing susceptibility to the disease itself, but also to other infections?


Topics will also include swine flu, whooping cough, cervical cancer, HIV, fever and how immunity develops.



Dr Scheibner displays in her talks great energy, an endearing personality and an obvious sense of humour (which is necessary to counter the pain of researching and writing on a subject like this). However the most important feature of her seminars is that they consist almost entirely of referrals to pages of actual medical journal articles (as well as her own researched infant breathing pattern data) that are copied and projected onto a screen, from which she reads blatant revelations of the truth (including her most recent discoveries). So you can see clearly that she is not making anything up (not that she would have any reason to anyway, of course, but some people will say anything to discredit her!) and you will be shocked to see how much vaccines are implicated in various health problems without the link ever reaching the media (or even most doctors for that matter).

Come to a seminar so you can make an informed decision that will affect the health of your children and in turn, their children.

Every current or future parent should

attend a seminar by Dr Scheibner!



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