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Behavioural Problems in Childhood

– The Link to Vaccination

by Dr Viera Scheibner (one of the speakers on the video)

In children, disorders of higher brain function present as inadequate development of language,  learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. The main consideration in differential diagnosis is hearing loss, mental deficiency, dysphagia, and autistic spectrum disorders. They are commonly, and increasingly, seen in doctors’ offices, yet they are considered of unknown origin.

The incidence of autism in developed countries, including Australia, is now one in 500 of all pre-school and school-age children. Is it really such a mystery as we are led to believe? Or is there something more sinister at work?

The rate of behavioural problems has increased substantially with the increasing vaccination push and increasing number of vaccines added to the schedule.

The book deals with the following issues:

·  Motor, sensory and perceptual disorders

· Disorders of arousal and attention

·   Disorders of cognition and memory

· Language and learning disorders

· Disorders of drive, affect and socialisation (autism)

· Childhood depression and mania

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