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Case stories - Autism

The fact that vaccination causes autism could not be MORE obvious from the sequence of events in  case stories.

Allowing your child to have any vaccine at all is risking autism and also a multitude of other types of damage, and for what benefit? Vaccination involves injecting these viruses deep into the system, bypassing important defence mechanisms, and hence giving the viruses deep access into the body to cause damage. The injection process either delivers the virus itself and/or compromises the defences before exposure.

Autism is a clear indication that vaccines do anything BUT protect against diseases. In most cases of autism the virus has gone to the gut and that is what gets damaged. So rather than providing protection against the virus, vaccination is doing the exact reverse.

Some parents have reported measles symptoms repeatedly coming and going in their autistic children as the immune system tries to clear the virus from the gut, which, without the injection process, the virus would not have been able to reach. This is a clear sign of the link between the vaccine and autism.

The link is further obvious from the fact that in the process of developing autism children develop sensitivities (funny that, because vaccines sensitise the immune system) and when they are given further vaccine doses, they get markedly worse (the challenge/re-challenge evidence of a causal link).


This first story illustrates our point that it is not just the MMR (i.e. combined) vaccine that causes autism.

DAILY MAIL LETTERS – 3rd January 2005

Vaccine’s legacy of misery

DR DAVID PUGH has been given a nine-month jail sentence for malpractice at his single-jab clinics (Mail). My granddaughter Bethany (pictured) has been given a life sentence.

Bethany and a boy from Yorkshire whom I managed to trace both had the single measles jab with the same vaccine batch number on the same morning at Pugh’s Sheffield clinic in May 2001. At about that time, Drs Eardley and Waldron were reporting Pugh for his malpractice and they subsequently won their case against him.

Both of these children are now autistic. Bethany, who was perfect before - talking, interacting and reaching all her milestones - changed after that one jab and is now severely autistic.

Now five years old, she hasn’t spoken since the jab (emphasis added by myself - Bronwyn), is still in nappies, sits up all night rocking and displays all the many other distressing factors that go with autism.

Hers has been a heartbreaking journey which has affected our whole family.

We are having to raise money to continue with new therapies for Bethany to try to bring her back to us as God gave her to us. Many very special, kind people have volunteered to help us, both in raising money and in administering the therapy to Bethany.

Mrs M. GRIFFITHS, Walsall, Staffs.


A father I spoke to only a couple of days ago (April 2007) told me how his son had been quite healthy and developing normally until he was given the MMR shot. Immediately he was in a bad way, uncomfortable in the bowel – his tummy swelled like a Biafran’s, and he stopped talking and regressed into severe autism.

The doctor said to give an antipyretic and anti-histamine and that the reaction would pass. It didn’t. The boy is now 23, has the mind of a very young child and his stools are still fowl-smelling.

With the change so immediate and dramatic, only an insane observer could say that it wasn’t caused by the shot.

This has been such a painful 23 years for the whole family, who have to live with a constant tragic reminder of their mistake of allowing the doctor to give these poisonous injections to their precious healthy child.

And it was all because of an unnecessary procedure that unsuccessfully attempts to prevent childhood diseases, which are beneficial for children.


We know many more stories like these, where various vaccines have been the culprits, and we will put them on the site in due course.



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